The Multifamily Masterplan Limited Time Replay

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"We sold our single family home and traded up to a 4-plex."

Karin & Jamel, 4-Plex Owner, Norfolk, VA

"I bought a 4-plex in another state and now have 7 doors."

Aminah, 4-Plex Owner, New Orleans, LA

Ayisha & Darryn Closed On A Triplex In The Northeast In 3 Months

"I closed on a 4-plex within 1 month of joining the program."

Ron, 4-Plex Owner, Birmingham, AL

"We live in an expensive market, so we bought in Detroit."

Alayna & Aaron, Duplex Owner, Detroit, MI

Jetro Closed On This 4-Plex From A Distance In Gainesville, FL

"We are real estate agents and we still needed help understanding."

Karrin & Jamel, 4-Plex Owners, Norfolk, VA

"Jullien and the real estate team I built helped me find a great deal."

Morgan, 4-Plex Owner, Columbia, SC

Kandace & Jimmie Close On 3 Triplexes In Chicago

Alisa Closed On Her First Duplex In Pensacola, Florida

Jackie Closed On 2 Properties, Totaling 4 Apartments, Within 4 Months

Spencer Closed On A Duplex He'll Renovate & BRRRR In Just 3 Months

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