Real Estate Investor Reveals How Hundreds Of Everyday Americans Are Using An Obscure Method To Finance, Find, And Finalize Multifamily Real Estate Deals In Less Than 90 Days

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Jullien Gordon

Founder of The #MultifamilyMovement

My mission is to help hundreds of people achieve rent freedom through real estate investment coaching. That's why I founded the #MultifamilyMovement where I help renters and home owners serious about real estate investing but struggling with finding and financing the right deal successfully buy cashflow positive multifamily homes which allows them to experience more financial freedom and live more purpose-filled lives. I'm grateful to have my work featured in Black Enterprise and Essence. I earned my BA from UCLA and MBA from Stanford. I am originally from Oakland, CA and currently reside in New Orleans, LA.

We Have Helped 300+ Students

Close on over $80 million of multifamily real estate since 2019

Ayisha & Darryn Closed On A Triplex In The Northeast In 3 Months

Ayisha & Darryn Closed On A Triplex In The Northeast In 3 Months

Kandace & Jimmie Close On 3 Triplexes In Chicago

Alisa Closed On Her First Duplex In Pensacola, Florida

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