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How To Finance, Find, & Finalize

Multifamily Real Estate Deals

Learn exactly how I built a portfolio of 10 multifamily homes, with 30 apartments, generating $35,900 per just 6 years

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Meet Your Instructor…

Julien Gordon

Julien Gordon is the founder of the #MultifamilyMovement. Julien is a real estate investor who started out with zero knowledge. Now he has made his own real estate empire and coached over 426 students to acquire more than $150M worth of real estate in the past three years.

He wants more people to learn about multifamily real estate investing so they can start living their best lives.

Video Timestamps

  • 03:54 - JG's Real Estate Results

  • 05:45 - You Don't Need A Real Estate License

  • 09:49 - The Multifamily Movement Is A Movement In Real Life

  • 14:35 - Creating Regenerational Wealth

  • 22:51 - Multifamily Home Poem

  • 25:06 - When it comes to freedom, yay or nay?

  • 31:53 - A lender will add in 75% of the annual rents you have after you close!

  • 41:25 - Mental Real Estate

  • 49:17 - If You're a Renter, You're Homeless

  • 53:38 - "I'm not paying rent anymore"

  • 57:00 - NACA Program

  • 01:07:50 - Testimonials

  • 01:16:00 - Evaluate a Deal in 10 MINUTES

  • 01:30:47 - Four Eyes of Real Estate Investing

  • 01:35:50 - Why You Need a Real Estate Advisor vs. A Real Estate Agent

  • 01:38:12 - You Don't Need to Pay Your First Debt to Finance a Deal

  • 01:39:26 - The Math of Passive Income

  • 01:50:16 - Multifamily Real Estate is a "Get Rich Guaranteed" System

  • 02:03:38 - Strategies for FHA and VA Loans

  • 02:05:16 - Married Couple: Never buy a single family home together

  • 02:10:48 - The Movement's Curriculum

  • 02:25:54 - Positive Cashflow in 365 Days

  • 02:29:11 - What the Multifamily Movement Mastermind is all about

  • 02:30:21 - I Took All The L's So You Can Succeed Faster

  • 02:34:36 - The Greatest Expense in Your Life is Rent

  • 02:44:00 - Closing Remarks


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Multifamily Masterplan

Step-by-step strategy for getting your first property.

I know that finding a profitable property to invest in and getting others to finance it for you can be overwhelming. That’s why I have laid out a step-by-step master plan for you to follow so you can overcome your fears, get the obstacles, and finalize the deal in a few months or less.

Tax Secrets: How To Reduce Your Taxes

Learn to use the US tax code to legally reduce your taxes.

Getting tax exemptions is one of the sweetest things about owning a property and renting it to others. I will teach you how to use the rules written in the US tax code to legally reduce your taxes and make the most profit.

The Credit Etiquette Course

Finance your deals and improve your credit score.

Learn how you can get the banks to finance your deal for you even if you have a bad credit score. I will also teach you how to use your properties to improve your credit, which you can then use to finance more deals.

See Recent Student Success Stories Below...

"We sold our single family home and traded up to a 4-plex."

Karin & Jamel, 4-Plex Owner, Norfolk, VA

"I bought a 4-plex in another state and now have 7 doors."

Aminah, 4-Plex Owner, New Orleans, LA

"I closed on a 4-plex within 1 month of joining the program."

Ron, 4-Plex Owner, Birmingham, AL

"We live in an expensive market, so we bought in Detroit."

Alayna & Aaron, Duplex Owner, Detroit, MI

Is The Multifamily Masterplan Right For You?

We strive for nothing short of a 100% success rate (and to have a good time along the way).

Who the Multifamily Masterplan is for?

  • If you want to build your own wealth

  • You want to stop paying rent and own the place you live in

  • You’re ready to invest in yourself

  • You want to be a part of an amazing community

Who the Multifamily Masterplan is not for?

  • Anyone who expects overnight success without putting in the work

  • Anyone who isn’t willing to learn or invest in themselves

  • Anyone who has a negative attitude toward success

Who the Tax Strategies Mastermind is for?

  • If you want to minimize your tax expenses

  • You want to build wealth through tax savings and real estate

  • You’re ready to learn and invest in yourself

  • You want to be a part of an amazing community

Who the Tax Strategies Mastermind is not for?

  • Anyone who expects overnight success without putting in the work

  • Anyone who isn’t willing to invest in their education

  • Anyone who has a negative attitude toward saving taxes

Your Success Is Guaranteed!

I will coach you until you close your first property! Because I am committed to a 100% success rate for my students, once you are pre-qualified, I take responsibility for your success as long as you show up and do the work, which means completing the course modules, analyzing deals, meeting people, visiting properties, and making offers.


Ayisha & Darryn Closed On A Triplex In The Northeast In 3 Months

Jetro Closed On This 4-Plex From A Distance In Gainesville, FL

Kandace & Jimmie Close On 3 Triplexes In Chicago

Alisa Closed On Her First Duplex In Pensacola, Florida

Let’s Get You On-Track To Get Your First Property!

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